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In our life, there must be times when we feel disheartened and do not have the source of inspiration to continue our incomplete tasks. Negative feelings are increasing day by day which makes us fall deeply into a series of exhausting days and can not see where our destination is. This loss of orientation and motivation will make the quality of work and mental health increasingly unstable. However, no matter how discouraged we are, we still have to finish those irresistible “deadlines”. So if those tasks are important and can not be neglected or affected by our emotions, instead of handling them with a heavy heart, why do not we inspire ourselves and make these tasks more enjoyable? Because everyone has a different way to view and address problems, we can not recommend a solution that can be applied for everyone, and we are the only ones who can find the most useful method for ourselves.

As an example, a person who has a big interest in comics is at a standstill because of an extremely huge workload he has to handle. The interest in comics can be a double-edged sword for him and also a factor that makes his work more stagnant, but it can be a motivation helping him to achieve his goal quickly. We are often told that during crunch time before important events, we are not allowed to indulge ourselves with personal interests, we should make use of all the time for the goal ahead instead. However, it is very likely to cause us to develop a distaste for our work as if it was the reason for leaving our usual passion in tears. With regard to this case, this person may choose to read comics as a way to entertain himself after a busy time or he may use that hobby as a motivation to handle his work in the most possible quick and efficient way:

- If I complete this short essay, I can read the new chapter which has just been updated tonight without worrying there is a deadline waiting for me!

This is how he chooses to address his tension and energize himself. So how about you, what is your method? Now Intelligo will help everyone list out a few “tips” so that you can select some tips which are best suited for you to solve the “mood-down” situation and lift your spirit. We wish you are always lucky and successfully achieve your goal!

1. Spend little time to rest and relax in your favorite way

This can be the key that brings back the most efficient “stress-relief” benefit for us. Instead of letting ourselves be oppressed by work pressure, try to spend time for yourself, so that you can do what you like. Simply listening to a few songs or watching a movie, trying to cook a new dish, or eating your favorite food could help you become more refreshed and cheerful!

2. Clean up your study and work place

A cluttered study and workspace is also a “poison” that leads to “mood down”. Have you ever asked yourself how long it's been since you last cleaned up your old bookshelf or your own study space? Let’s grab a broom, pick up scraps of paper and put them in the trash, clean the desk and arrange the bookshelf neatly, because a tidy environment will give you more motivation and enthusiasm to work. In addition, cleaning will give us the chance to be active after tiring hours sitting at the desk or in front of the computer, helping us to increase our physical activity and pull ourselves together. Don’t skip this one and actually try it out, the effect may surprise you!

3. Spend time with your beloveds

The social development era forces us to join the roller coaster of life, and sometimes we accidentally forget about the loved ones around us. Try spending some time in that reel with your family, friends or anyone you cherish. Eating a cosy meal, going shopping or watching movies to entertain yourself or simply having some confidential, daily talk will help you separate yourself from negativity and receive more joyful, positive energies.

4. Follow inspirational people

The legend once said: “The man is known by the company he keeps”. To have more motivation and improve ourselves, we can follow good role models in real life. You can find and listen to the story about their journey to success. Once you’ve been motivated, take action today to achieve the results you deserve!

5. Work out

Sometimes while working, we suddenly go off the boil and get an itchy feet. Most of you will get up and pace back and forth in the room, or do stupid things that you can’t even explain at this point, and it’s also hard to regain focus at work. So why don’t we use this excess energy for exercises? Just 15-30 minutes jogging, skipping or doing some simple exercises can help you stay fit and develop your good work ethic!

6. List and divide your work reasonably

When you see a great deal of work remains to be done, it’s easy to generate fear and depression, which leads to procrastination from day to day. When the workload is relentless and the due dates are closer, you may get into a situation in which you have to work against the clock, causing mental exhaustion and the quality of work is not as perfect as we expect. To avoid this tough situation, try to make a timetable or to-do list to note down the tasks you have to get done, thereby dividing your time reasonably and increasing your self-awareness. You can also make your notes more aesthetic to fuel your motivation to study.

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