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Updated: Nov 4, 2021

What is “burnout”?

Burnout is exhaustion that is caused by prolonged stress. It can be physical, emotional, mental, or all three. Adolescents in school experience mental burnout most often.

It's normal for students to feel burnout frequently. Busy schedules, schoolwork, and studying for tests can cause loads of stress. Below you will find some beneficial tips for avoiding burnout, or at least lessening its intensity.

1. Avoid procrastination!

Procrastination often creates a buildup of tasks. This will only make life more stressful. Once you are willing or inclined to complete this mound of tasks, there will be far more to do than if you had not been procrastinating. Essentially, procrastination can lead to, or increase the severity of burnout.

2. Give yourself breaks!

Trying to take on too many tasks at once can also build stress. It is very necessary to allow yourself breaks between tasks. This allows for relaxation. It will also bring ease and feel like a reward. When working too hard or for too long without breaks, your brain can become overwhelmed. This is the main cause for burnout.

3. Make a plan/ to-do list!

Write down all tasks. This ensures you know everything that needs to be done. Tension in your mind also eases once everything is on paper instead of inside. Additionally, after you have a set list of what to do, you can create a schedule. This allows you to have a specific time for each task. You can even set time for breaks! This calls for both your work getting done, and relaxation! The perfect formula for avoiding burnout, while still achieving highly in school!

4. Stop striving for perfection!

Although it can be hard to resist the urge to perfect all of your work and grades, it only has negative consequences on your mental health. It is okay to want to succeed in school and try hard, but do not get caught up in perfectionism. You’ll feel a lot better if you congratulate yourself for your accomplishments instead of talking down on yourself when not achieving your unrealistic standards. Plus, perfection in itself is realistically unachievable. Striving for so-called perfection is only extra stress that can again lead to burnout.

Avoiding burnout goes along with staying motivated and not procrastinating. These healthy habits better your mental health instead of worsening it. The most common reason students feel burnt out is because they rush things and do not take time for themselves. The most important thing is to take breaks, without falling into procrastination. Know how long it takes for you to complete assignments. Ensure that you do not allow yourself too much time away from tasks. Finding the right balance of completing tasks and taking breaks is the key to avoiding burnout.

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