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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Are you wondering whether to study for IELTS or not? What is studying IELTS for? Have you ever wondered why our parents want their children to study for IELTS? For what purpose are you trying to solve difficult problems every day? Not everyone who is studying understands the benefits that IELTS brings to our lives somewhere! Let's summarize with Intelligo the "perks" that we will receive when owning an IELTS certificate!

Firstly, we have to answer the question: What is IELTS?

There are many students who have been studying IELTS for a while but do not know what the meaning of this name is. The International English Language Testing System - also known as IELTS for short - has each test including 4 skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. IELTS is the world's most important and popular test to assess the level and ability to use English through scores of each person. This exam has been implemented since 1989 and is administered by three organizations - the ESOL of the University of Cambridge (University of Cambridge ESOL), the British Council and the Australian educational organization IDP. It is estimated that every year, about 2-3 million candidates take IELTS exams around the world. Currently, IELTS has appeared in more than 140 countries with many teaching centers and test organizations established along with it. It can be seen that IELTS is becoming more and more familiar and necessary in our lives.

So what makes IELTS so special and important? The answer is "hiding" behind the pictures below and waiting for you to discover it!

We hope that this article will give you a lot of motivation to try harder and harder on the journey to “find” a "genuine" IELTS certificate - a ticket to help you cross many thresholds on your own path to success. And you should always remember that Intelligo Project will always be your companion when you have “fallen in love” with IELTS.

Benefits of studying IELTS:

  1. Being exemption in the English test in the national high school graduation exam:

One of the reasons why many students have planned “readily” to study IELTS very early is that an IELTS certificate with the average score of 6.0 or higher will help us be exempted from taking the English test in the university exam. This will partly help the students feel more comfortable and have more time to spend on the remaining subjects. In addition, achieving a band score of 6.0 or higher in the IELTS test proves that you have quite mastered the skills and had a solid foundation of English learning, making your English learning in the university classroom become easier and easier.

  1. Being admitted to major universities:

Not only helping you be exempt from taking the graduation’s English exam, an IELTS certificate can even help you get admitted directly to the top universities! Many famous universities in our country have applied separate admission regulations for students with IELTS certificates such as National Economics University, Foreign Trade University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, etc… with following requirements:

  • There are 2 subjects in the school's entrance exam that are not too low (excluding foreign languages).

  • Having 6.5 or higher IELTS certification, which is still valid until the date of application submission.

It can be seen that owning an IELTS degree with a high score will give students more opportunities to walk through the gate of their dream university, can’t it? Therefore, working hard and trying to study IELTS as soon as possible to achieve your aspirations in the surest way!

  1. A simple way to “globe-trot”:

With the credit of the British Council, the University of Cambridge and the educational organization IDP, IELTS seems to have become the "standard" measure of foreign language proficiency that famous foreign universities take as the top criteria for student admission. Usually, the IELTS score enough to receive a scholarship falls in the range of 6.0 - 6.5 or higher depending on the school and country you apply to. Many Vietnamese students have achieved impressive scores and took the opportunity to study abroad at top universities all over the world. So, what are you waiting for without immediately starting to study for the IELTS to be able to make your dream of “going abroad” come true? Moreover, even after you complete your studies, an IELTS degree will still bring you many benefits. Your job application dossier will become much more "genius" and you will have the opportunity to work in positions with high salaries, even better, to live and work abroad. IELTS is the key to open the doors to the world, and it would be a pity if we missed the opportunity to explore this vast world!

  1. What do 4 IELTS skills bring to our daily life?

In the current era of integration and development, fluently and skillfully in using English - the global language will help you a lot in your daily life. We can easily meet foreigners on the street or in companies and schools and communicating with them openly and amicably will help us break the language barrier and make them love the country as well as the people of Vietnam more and more! To do that, we must definitely have good listening and speaking skills to be able to convey our thoughts and wishes to our foreign friends perfectly. Reading skills are equally important in the current information "booming" era because they will help you quickly grasp international information in the most accurate way. Besides, writing skills will be an extremely necessary factor for you if you are or want to work at foreign companies based in Vietnam or work with multinational friends!

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