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Our Mission

Intelligo Project is a welcoming online learning platform created to provide free and accessible learning opportunities and resources to all Vietnamese students. Founded by Chi Vu, its purpose was to connect American high school students with Vietnamese students who wanted to build English fluency through free virtual one-on-one tutoring and mentoring sessions. While tutoring and mentoring was Intelligo's initial goal, we wanted to expand this opportunity to more students we could not assist due to limited space. We have been working together to host workshops, publish articles exploring topics such as education inequalities, and organize fundraising events. Intelligo Project values equal access to education, the diverse community we have built, and hopes to instill motivation, determination, and curiosity in our students. Our learning platform is a place of growth where students can receive specialized learning lessons to best prepare themselves for success. Moving forward, we are planning to recruit more native English speakers and organize more events, ensuring that every student has equal access to learning opportunities.



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