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I want to thank Karina for so many things, but especially for how she encourages me when I'm struggling with my assignments and whenever I have trouble with my progress. This really helps me to be more confident and trust myself. She just heard about IELTS before she met me, but she prepared for my sessions completely and adequately, I really appreciate that. During the week, whenever I have any troubles with my homework, I usually do it by myself first then send an email to Karina to explain my problems. And she always tries to cover it in our upcoming sessions. I love how Karina also encourages me after we finish something. I have been really pessimistic about my score and my learning progress. But Karina often said that I am doing well so don't worry too much. This is just a little thing but I can feel her sympathy and it makes me become more confident about myself so much. Although sometimes I find it hard to chat with Karina because she does not check her Insta frequently, but whenever she reads it, she always answers it with all of her enthusiasm. Lastly, I wanna be closer to Karina because she is the type of person that I really want to be, full of energy, responsibility, and enthusiasm. After several sessions with Karina, I feel more confident in communicating with foreigners, writing skills for IELTS, and approaching how English native speakers say.

Uyen Nhi, Tri Duc High School - 12th grade

This is Cao Quoc Khanh and Thang Quang (Jim) talking about their experiences learning English with their tutors, Brooke Langis and Ashley Reardon. 

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